The Bloodbath


A bloodbath. Carnage. An untempered brutalising. This will do more than live long in the memory; every German goal will be seared onto the frontal lobe of every single Brazilian with a passing interest in football, which is all of them. That’s what this first half German performance was; a cattle brand to the brain. 5 goals in the opening 30 minutes. 5-0 at half time. Every goal resembling one that a professional team might score against a team of children. Brazil’s compliance in their evisceration has embarrassed the host nation to a degree beyond imagination. Germany will be in raptures.


Though we didn’t know it, the tone for the goal fest to come was set by Thomas Muller’s opener. A corner was wafted in, and the Brazilian defence was inexplicably, unbelievably, disorganised. Muller made a late run into the very middle of the penalty area and was greeted with a hugely inviting pocket of space. Very comfortable indeed in there, he sidefooted a volley through the legs of Julio Cesar. Muller had lost David Luiz completely in a clever closing-door routine with Klose, and Sideshow Bob certainly looked a right clown. The ease with which that set piece goal came hinted at the impending fury.


Miroslav Klose completed his finest achievement ten minutes later. The German veteran overtook Ronaldo as the all-time leading World Cup scorer with a goal of almost dawdling ease. Fernandinho missed an interception that left Brazil very open just outside their own box. A ball was played into Muller making a sideways run, he tipped it off to Klose, who needed two attempts to score, the first rebounding kindly for him. Klose appeared over 130 times for Germany and is a true World Cup legend now. What happened after the second goal defies belief. 3 goals in 6 minutes were scored, two by Kroos and one by Khedira. Kroos’s first came from a Lahm cutback that was allowed to roll (by Fernandinho again, largely) all the way to Kroos who spanked it in from the edge of the area. His next goal was evidence of just how fragile this Brazil team really is. Direct from the kick off, possession was given away badly by that man Fernandinho, and Kroos had another easy one, that made it 4-0. The crowd was in tears, the Brazil defenders haplessly staring at one another. Khedira’s goal was just the the final stage of self-destruction, a sequence where Germany passed their way all the way down the pitch, into the box, leaving Khedira untroubled to shoot. It was 5-0 and the 29th minute. Half time mercifully came soon enough for Brazil. Boos rang out.

brazil fan

Brazil started the second half well, by taking off Fernandinho. As could only have been expected, Brazil started the half with a fair bit of attacking urgency, fashioning three quality chances. Each was thwarted imperiously by Manuel Neuer, who had had almost nothing to do in the first half. Germany brought on Schurrle and Mertesacker, for some reason. Everything seemed totally inconsequential, and in a way it was. Muller had a chance to make it 6 after 15 minutes, as Germany quietened down the Brazil surge. Julio Cesar defused the one-on-one. The game became scrappy and end to end, though without a real prospect of another goal. What an asset it must be to have Neuer, who alone absorbed most of the Brazilian pressure. Of course, Germany were happy to be held back and play on the counter, leading 5-0. Brazil were battling for a consolation and David Luiz was surging forward constantly. One of his forays left Brazil terribly open on the break and Germany almost had a 6th in the 66th minute. Fred was being booed by the crowd when he got the ball, and to be fair to them, was not doing much at all, and was soon replaced by Willian.


In the 68th minute, Germany had a 6th goal, and the furious boos that rang around the stadium were ominous. Schurrle tapped in a centred pass from Lahm after nifty work down the right. Brazil slumped in utter misery and the game still had 20 minutes to go. Germany hardly celebrated, almost cringing on Brazil’s behalf. Poor Fred, who will no doubt be the scapegoat for a lot of this, looked a completely broken man on the bench and the stadium was being vacated at an ever increasing rate. This was not how this home tournament was supposed to end for the hosts, in ignominy and disgrace. It was worse than losing in the final in 1950. It was far worse than anything anyone could have imagined. To add further insult to already grievous injury, Schurrle hammered in a 7th goal in the 79th minute, in off the bar. Brazil had conceded more goals in this game than in their previous 9 World Cup games combined. Oscar got a consolation in the last moments of the match. No goal has been celebrated more bitterly. The game was over. A hollow sound rang around the World Cup. It was the harrowing death rattle of the men in yellow and blue. Germany lauded over the Selecao’s quivering corpse.


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