Heard it through the Great Vine!


It’s been too long, far too long between loops. So, boldly striding into this new year, we’ll pause for just a few divine moments to indulge ourselves with some of the best sporting vines floating around at the moment.

Sulley Muntari sure can sully a club’s reputation, after being subbed off at a point in the match that was very much not to his liking.

Seahawks’ Kam Chancellor showing supreme effort to miss a block by this much.

Perhaps the greatest buzzer-beater of all time, from none other than Utah’s Trevor Brooker.

Steven Gerrard, soon departing, will be missed by Liverpool in more ways than just being a poor defensive shield.

The Gooners’ chant for David Ospina’s goal kicks (you’ll need the sound for this one, obviously).

One Newcastle fan bought tickets for the wrong end.

Some really lovely, calm defending, brought to you by EA Sports’ FIFA 15.

Connor Wickham’s unabashed reaction to a near-screamer by Liverpool’s Lazar Markovic.

Houston’s Josh Smith imposing himself at both ends of the floor.

A basketball referee having a wholly hilarious cramp attack mid-game.

Roberto Mancini, of Scarves, getting absolutely sconned by his own player.

Louis van Gaal announcing that he has only one solitary player that’s injured (note: Footage from before his team lost 1-0 to Southampton).

Clippers owner Steve Ballmer making everyone feel totally horrid about his terrible dancing.

Erm, mop boy, if you could please focus on the sweaty floor and not on Fergie’s lovely lady lumps, that’d be great.

And finally, Paul Pogba’s sublime elastico against Inter Milan. Tekkers!

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