Heard it through the great Vine!


Yes, it surely is a merciful pleasure. In the void that is a week of international football, where Lithuania and Israel make for tasty opposition, where other sporting codes seem infinitely more appealing all of a sudden, Vine is our Shangri-la. Eat away the hours of boredom, of sporting inactivity, 7 seconds at a time. Or just turn on the cricket, the basketball, the hockey. Oh, and baseball’s starting up again. Actually, this club football hiatus is a great excuse to discover a new sporting passion, to take up supportership of, say, a women’s or men’s college basketball team, or to sample the sublime heft of the world of Sumo.

But, in lieu of the requisite effort, or indeed, a cable television subscription, here a some blue-chip, high-calibre Vines to help melt away the day.

Even though the Selecao won, yet again, Alexis Sanchez was running riot for Chile. Here are two primo moments.

Gareth Bale starred in Wales’ magnificent triumph over Israel, with this free kick the pick of his two goals.

In NBA news, Russell Westbrook continues his ferocious tear around the league. Even his own team mates aren’t excluded from his bouncy rage, as Enes Kanter found out.

Belgium’s little master Eden Hazard curled home a tidy finish for his country this week.

Steph Curry with the… 30 foot, no-look, one handed pass right into Klay’s wheelhouse.

Raheem Sterling mesmerised some poor old Lithuanian defenders the other night, slaloming and surging, an image of nimble-footed flittery.

Isco was doing the same for Spain, both in their match against the Ukraine, and in training with his team mates.

The ICC World Cup final was played on Sunday, with the Australians and the Kiwis slugging it out. Unfortunately for New Zealand, they had been put in the wrong weight class and one 7 wicket victory later, Australia were bouncing up and down on a demountable stage.

Radamel Falcao decided that an international against Bahrain would be the best place to rediscover his scoring form, striking twice in a 6-0 victory. Here’s one of his goals.

There’s been talk of Lebron James and Kevin Love not getting along in Cleveland. This video snippet begs to differ, methinks.

In the world of E-sports, a brand new (and hilariously effective) Wii Tennis technique has been discovered. Pinball battles at the net beckon…

Miami’s Shabazz Napier has had an up-and-down season, but glimpses of his undoubted talent have been there, like, for example, this nifty move to shed two defenders.

In more nifty NBA news, Joakim Noah reinforced his claim to the title of biggest pest, by tricking a Toronto Raptor into passing him the ball on the bench. There should be a law against it…

Some celebrities were at Madison Square garden this week. I get the feeling that Sarah Jessica-Parker doesn’t really like that uber-affable gesticulator Tom Hanks much.

Novak Djokovic showed off his silky hand-control during his ATP final against Roger Federer. Mmmm, smooth.

Seattle coach Pete Carroll was this close to videobombing an ESPN interview this week.

Wisconsin’s star forward Sam Dekker had an alley-oop ruled out during the NCAA clash with Oregon. If you look closely, the ball actually goes through the hoop twice.

Well that’s your lot, people.

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