Manchester City’s club colonies in uproar

As Frank Lampard continues to prove his enduring, rather remarkable, quality at the very zenith of football, his current employers have something of a double mutiny on their hands. Manchester City, now not just a football club, but a global corporation, are not only occupied with chasing the Premier League title, but they’re also having […]

The best goals from this week’s Champions League

The results of this week’s Champions League fixtures made for fascinating reading. There was a night of synchronous thrashings, handed out with relish by Chelsea, Bayern Munich and Shakhtar Donetsk. There was a wholly expected (yet still agonisingly confusing) lukewarm draw for Manchester City, whose inability to perform in Europe continues. There was the inevitable […]

Reds and Victory draw as action is pushed to the edges

Taken as a fact on its own, having a crowd of 33,126 to play in front of can’t be anything other than a good thing. A crowd of that size, energised and raucous, would make for a super atmosphere, whipping up a thunderous storm of smouldering noise that careers around the stadium, filling the very […]

The Marquee Stars of the Indian Super League

For budding football leagues, particularly leagues attempting to blossom in Asia, bums-on-seats are a priority. In our country, for example, when the A-League was launched Dwight Yorke wafted around the pitch for Sydney FC, winning the inaugural title with them, and the Joe Marston Medal for being the grand final’s best player, then, no doubt, […]