Mourinho unraveling along with his team

Of course, for Chelsea, the red alert has been sounding for a while now, if only in response to a number of startling micro-crises; the form, or utter lack thereof, of Branislav Ivanovic, the dropping of John Terry, the continued antics, and subsequent fallout, of Diega Costa. There are more, too. But now, as Chelsea […]

West Ham complete a stunning deadline day flurry

David Gold and David Sullivan aren’t taking any chances this season. On transfer deadline day, that breathless last-gasp scramble, the West Ham co-owners have orchestrated a stunning flurry of deals, all completed before the final gong rang. Whether it was signings that had lingered uncompleted for weeks or surprise transactions that emerged from the deadline […]

Mourinho tries to twist reality with words

It boggles the mind that this issue is still taking up column inches. When Burnley’s Ashley Barnes controlled the ball, under some pressure from Chelsea’s Kurt Zouma, his touch was a wee bit heavy. He knew, in those teetering moments, that he had to make his pass quickly, with the league’s best tackler Nemanja Matic, […]

All the goals from this round of Champions League fixtures

It was a week of poor results for the English teams left standing in Europe’s premier competition. Chelsea’s 1-1 draw with Schalke ended up being the best English result, as Arsenal and Manchester City again reasserted the blundering and shuddering incapability they both seem stricken by at this level, losing to Monaco and Barcelona respectively. […]

The ethics of the top EPL shirt sponsors.

It now seems utterly unremarkable, as much a part of the make up of the game as the ball, or the shin pads, or the hair gel. But when you think about it, having the name of a corporation emblazoned across your chest does seem a little strange. Grand old teams in the Premier League […]

David Luiz’s Top Ten Sideshow Moments

Yes, he’s at it again. David Luiz, part-time defender and all-around football comedy stylist, again caused the world to snort out a breath of mirth upon seeing his latest stunt. During PSG’s Champions League tie with Chelsea, the Brazilian defender was seen wiping away the vanishing spray that had been put down by the referee […]

Chelsea racists betray the illusion of cosmopolitan London

The video, filmed by a bystander on a mobile phone, reeks of shameful muck. A group of travelling Chelsea fans, clumped together in a Paris metro train, shove back a black passenger who is trying to board. Twice they refuse him admission, laughing like clod-headed bullies, while the victim looks around exasperated, fearful and confused. […]

Heard it through the Great Vine!

It’s been too long, far too long between loops. So, boldly striding into this new year, we’ll pause for just a few divine moments to indulge ourselves with some of the best sporting vines floating around at the moment. Sulley Muntari sure can sully a club’s reputation, after being subbed off at a point in […]

Manchester City’s club colonies in uproar

As Frank Lampard continues to prove his enduring, rather remarkable, quality at the very zenith of football, his current employers have something of a double mutiny on their hands. Manchester City, now not just a football club, but a global corporation, are not only occupied with chasing the Premier League title, but they’re also having […]

Sunderland bravely deny Chelsea: Match Report

This fixture, between the team that had conceded 8 goals in a single match this season, and a team that had scored 5 in their last game, ended rather infuriatingly in stalemate. Chelsea were expected to control the game, and Sunderland to defend for their lives. This was largely how it played out and, though […]

Magic Beans: Liverpool’s transfer failings

When he traded his family’s cow for that fabled bag of beans, walking home even gullible Jack must have been developing that sinking feeling in the pit of his stomach. The cow, beloved but no longer lactating, was gone and all he had gotten in return was a pouch filled with these pills of uncertainty. […]

The best goals from this week’s Champions League

The results of this week’s Champions League fixtures made for fascinating reading. There was a night of synchronous thrashings, handed out with relish by Chelsea, Bayern Munich and Shakhtar Donetsk. There was a wholly expected (yet still agonisingly confusing) lukewarm draw for Manchester City, whose inability to perform in Europe continues. There was the inevitable […]

How much is Cesc Fabregas affecting Oscar?

In only 7 games, Chelsea’s decision to bring in Cesc Fabregas has been vindicated emphatically. The attacking connection that Fabregas has instantly made with Diego Costa had suddenly turned scoring goals into a doddle for Mourinho’s team, with Fabregas laying on 4 of Costa’s 7 strikes this season. After what seemed like an eternity of […]

Courtois and de Gea growing together

Resisting, somehow, the tides that dragged most of Manchester United’s players down last season, David de Gea was a shining light, continuing his steady progress and confirming his reputation as one of the Premier League’s best goalkeepers. Under David Moyes in 2013/14, every United player, bar de Gea, regressed, playing well below their base talent. […]

The Secret to Greatness? Availability.

Any footballer can have talent. Most of them do; you can’t reach the higher tiers of the sport without it. Slogging through youth systems, taking your chance at scouting meets, or catching the eye of a visiting luminary is next to impossible without a hefty serving of aptitude. Sure, having truckload of natural ability is […]

Arsenal return to Chelsea, wounded and fearful

This weekend sees the return of Arsene Wenger and his band of fragile, ferreting footballers to Chelsea and Stamford Bridge, the scene of the most brutal defeat they have suffered in recent memory, except perhaps the 8-2 to Manchester United in 2011. The 6-0 walloping that Mourinho’s team dished out last season was one of […]

5 things we learnt from the Premier League weekend

1. Mourinho can handle the cat-calling, and so can his team. This was to be Chelsea’s first elite test. After strolling through their first four games, Mourinho’s team were yet to face a title contender. City are certainly that, and in their own ground they exploded out of the blocks. Aguero, Silva, and Dzeko were […]

Premier League second tier ought to show their worth in Europe

The Spanish, English and German leagues rank as the top 3 European leagues in terms of their UEFA coefficient. As such, each are awarded four Champions League spots, three of them automatic, and one through which a team must qualify via a two legged play off tie. As the three strongest leagues, they are deservedly […]

In Costa, Mourinho has found his foil.

Jose has found his foil, his man Friday, a player who represents all the things Jose himself strives for. Few thought that Diego Da Silva Costa wouldn’t survive in the Premier League, but even fewer would have anticipated him to thrive quite so effectively as he has, and quite so quickly. He has scored 7 […]

Allam’s “Tiger” row typical of eccentric owners

From Roman Abramaovic, via Mohamed Al-Fayed, to Vincent Tan, the Premier League, and the supporters of the clubs that make it up, are very much used to tolerating the flighty behaviour of eccentric owners. Hull City’s (and it is still “City”) own maverick chief, Assem Allam has recently revealed that he, as promised, put the […]