O90 – Dele Alli shines for England, as West Ham await.

Wayne Rooney led out, as captain, the youngest England team since 1959 to face a France side wracked with an acute sense of sorrow. The attacks in Paris had, so we thought, meant the end for this friendly match, but a decision to stage the tie was made amid the mourning, as a showing of […]

The Suffix Zone

It’s starting. It’s really heating up now. We have arrived at the section of the tournament when, almost with trepidation, the suffix “final” is added. The quarter finals are here and what a blockbuster of a match we have first up. Germany and France, a knockout matchup that drips with aristocratic elegance. It’s strange, both […]

Where Are The Favourites?

Where are the favourites? The anticipated storylines for this World Cup have so far been almost aggressively enigmatic. After the first two rounds, we all want to try and project further forwards, taking in these early results and extrapolating. But the nature of the results has made this a near impossibility. For many of the […]