O90 – Tactical Analysis – West Ham United 2 Newcastle United 0

West Ham earned their first home win of the season, with Dimitri Payet single-handedly shredding Newcastle at Upton Park. Newcastle remain winless, and toothless. A concrete mixer dropped its load on a highway adjacent to Upton Park, meaning Newcastle’s players had to walk a few hundred yards to make it to the stadium in time […]

Could David Moyes Replace Alan Pardew?

Newcastle and Swansea drew 2-2 on Saturday, and Mike Ashley rubbed his chin as the final whistle sounded. An obscured supporter filing out of the stadium said something to Newcastle’s unpopular owner on his way past, and Ashley raised his eyebrows and smiled in that falsely-interested way you do when people you don’t know talk […]

Hatem Ben Arfa: The Mercurial Misfit

As Alan Pardew’s mire deepens, as each limb is sucked down into the sticky, black tar pit, the relentless croaking that surrounds him during his final moments comes from the scores of furious magpies that encircle his treacly grave, perched on spidery branches. Their squawking is the soundtrack to his demise, and they shriek as […]

Great Expectations

There were two results this weekend that left the supporters of the two beaten teams absolutely seething. The fury that was expressed by both the Newcastle and West Ham supporters after the respective defeats to Swansea and Crystal Palace on Saturday was of a level that hardly befits the positions that each of the teams […]