O90 – Tactical Analysis – West Ham United 1 Tottenham Hotspur 0

West Ham outshine and outrun title-chasers Spurs, 1-0 at the Boleyn. Spurs had the opportunity, following Leicester City’s draw yesterday, to go top of the league with a win. They have been the best defensive side in the division, but conceded here to a neatly converted corner, delivered by Dimitri Payet and nodded home by […]

O90 – Dele Alli shines for England, as West Ham await.

Wayne Rooney led out, as captain, the youngest England team since 1959 to face a France side wracked with an acute sense of sorrow. The attacks in Paris had, so we thought, meant the end for this friendly match, but a decision to stage the tie was made amid the mourning, as a showing of […]

Mark for England: Arguing for a Noble cause

When Adam Lallana had to withdraw from England duty, a handful of players who had been initially overlooked were suddenly given a burst of hope. Maybe they would be the lucky one to replace the injured Liverpool midfielder. Maybe, just maybe, they would be the man chosen to slide into this newly minted, perfectly notched […]

5 things we learnt from the Premier League weekend

1. Mourinho can handle the cat-calling, and so can his team. This was to be Chelsea’s first elite test. After strolling through their first four games, Mourinho’s team were yet to face a title contender. City are certainly that, and in their own ground they exploded out of the blocks. Aguero, Silva, and Dzeko were […]

Premier League second tier ought to show their worth in Europe

The Spanish, English and German leagues rank as the top 3 European leagues in terms of their UEFA coefficient. As such, each are awarded four Champions League spots, three of them automatic, and one through which a team must qualify via a two legged play off tie. As the three strongest leagues, they are deservedly […]

The Night Owls

Dr Seuss may have unknowingly said it best. You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams. He was talking about falling in love with a person, of course, of laying restlessly awake with the image of someone you’ve just said goodbye to swirling around in […]

How Good is Moussa Dembele?

Quite often this season, I’ve watched Tottenham Hotspur play and found myself sitting in admiration of that smooth operator Moussa Dembele. Dembele has this ability to glide over the turf, around would be challengers like they weren’t there. Just like this. He runs with this strangely leggy gait, almost laboured, but can suddenly, with shoulders heaving, burst forward at unexpected […]